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Mendez-Duron, R., Garcia, C.E. 2009, “Returns from Social Capital in Open Source Software Networks”, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, 19(2), 277-295.

Mendez-Duron, R., 2010, “Organization and Economic Issues in Open Source Software Research”, in Taylor J.R. (ed.) Relational Databases and Open Source Software Developments, Chapter 3, Nova Publishers. New York. ISBN: 978-1-61668-436-5


Ph.D. and Master students under supervision.

 Torres Barreto, Martha Liliana,   @Universidad de Castilla La Mancha.

 Parra Rodríguez, María de los Ángeles,   @MMOBE.


Research Projects:

“Impact of shareholders interaction on firms competitivity”, research funded by Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation ECO2010-21393-C04-02


“Challenges and Opportunities of New Organizational Forms: Lessons from Open Source Software Projects”, research funded by Spanish Ministry of Science and Education SEJ-2005-06655/ECON


“European Libre Software Survey”



Ongoing research

“To contribute or not to Contribute”: analysis of willingness participation in open source software projects from a social movement perspective.

“Does allocation of assets affects organization’s status position?”

“No news is bad news”: analysis of the impact of news about new product development on stock market prices. (With Bartolomé Pascual Fuster).

“Ambidexterity in networks: pooling knowledge from different network structures”(With Abel E. Lucena).



Doctoral Visiting, host Prof. Olav Sorenson

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

[Oct. 2006-Feb. 2007] | Toronto (Canada)


Cooperative Strategy

Entertainment Strategy



Research Assistant with Prof. Clara E. Garcia Garcia

Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

[Jun. 2001 – Jun. 2002] | Getafe (Spain)

Instituto Flores de Lemus.

Research on:

e-Health in Spain: research and analysis about health information and supply over Internet.

Main achievement:

Publication of e-España 2002 report for Fundación Auna.


Research Assistant with Prof. Jorge García

Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

[Jul. 1992 – Dec. 1992] | Monterrey (Mexico)

Centro de Calidad Ambiental

Main task:

Quality control for water analysis labs.